Welcome to The Hug

The Hug* is the collective name for Elizabeth & Paul Oldham and an immense number of bears.

The non-ursine members of The Hug are computer software professionals who have worked in different areas of the computer industry and enjoy tinkering with Linux, developing and maintaining web sites, running mailing lists and generally being as nerdy as possible. We also write articles about web design and technology.

Much of our activity is pro bono for not for profit organisations but we also take on paid work for organisations looking for content rich web sites and helping companies with their Linux sysadmin issues.

We can also help organisations who need help or advice on their use of IT, especially those wanting to use Open Source solutions.

If you think we can help you then contact us.

* Hug:
  1. v. hold closely in one's arms, usually with affection; keep close to
  2. n. strong clasp with arms, grip in wrestling [prob Scand.]
  3. n. collective noun for teddy bears