A lot of the work we do is mapping related and we have now built up considerable expertise around mapping, especially, but not exclusively, UK mapping.

Our Map Server

We have our own map server which serves a set of tiles we call "WayMaps" which is a good alternative to Ordnance Survey's OpenSpace Pro server if you're using too many tiles to stick with their free OpenSpace server. We are also considerable cheaper.

Creating Tiles for You

Our geographic information system (GIS) which we used to create the tiles used on our map server allows us to create custom map tiles rendered in any way you require. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Mapping on the Web

We can create mapping applications for the Web in JavaScript, for example our app aimed at walkers. If you need an application written, or help writing your own application, then we can help.


We can help you set up your own GeoServer to serve map tiles for your application.