System Administration

We have been using Unix and Linux for more years than we care to remember, both for work and for our personal PCs. With one exception all our servers, desktop PCs and laptops run Linux. The exception is our Chromebooks which run ChromeOS which use Linux at its core. We also use Raspberry Pis, which of course also run Linux but on ARM, for both serious things (our DHCP and DNS server is a Raspberry Pi) and fun.

At various times we have worked with various flavours of Unix, Xenix, and Linux distributions from Slackware, Debian, SuSE, RedHat, Gentoo, Ubuntu, Xubuntu and Kubuntu. Currently we use Ubuntu for our own servers and Xubuntu for our desktops and laptops and we support customer servers running Ubuntu, Centos and RedHat.

Unsurprisingly if you need help with system administration for your Linux box we have all the skills you need. If you can give us SSH access we can be online helping you in minutes. We are used to setting up servers to provide the services you need for example an apache web server or a postfix mail server but we can turn our hand to pretty much anything.