More Improvements to our Mapping

Written 22/11/17

We've just put online a new release of our map tiles. We do new releases regularly, not least to pick up any changes in the data coming from OpenStreetMap and also, in this release, the latest updates from Ordnance Survey's OS VectorMap District.

In addition this release for the first time includes all the routes in Sustrans' National Cycle Network.

Here for example is a tiny part of the very long NCN6 as it winds its way past Grasmere:

NCN6 at Grasmere

The NCN network includes Northern Ireland and as our maps cover Ireland (unlike Ordnance Survey GB) we've got them marked on the map tiles there too. Which is how we came across this oddity while reviewing the tiles prior to releasing them:

NCN91 goes aquatic

At first we thought this must be a mistake in the data as NCN91 would only be of use to aquatic bicycles! But no, it turns out that it's not a mistake: there is a ferry (although you have to phone and book 24 hours in advance!).

Exploring the network some more than NCN91 isn't unique in this regard. NCN6 which we mentioned above, crossing Windermere on the ferry:

NCN6 goes aquatic

There's others too, NCN2 at Plymouth is another that we found.

Anyway these tiles are now live so if you're using our server you will be seeing the updated tiles now.

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